Christian Dior Midnight Poison EDP Spray 100 ml/3.4 fl oz New Sealed in Box

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Midnight Poison by Christian Dior is the fifth perfume in the Poison collection, since 1985.

. Designer: Christian Dior (John Galliano).
. Name: Midnight Poison.
. Inspiration: The Fairy Tale of Cinderella.
. Color: Midnight blue.
. Concentration: Eau De Parfum.
. Vaporisateur spray. 100ml – 3,4 FL. OZ.
. For: Woman.
. Fragrance notes: Juicy and woody, floral, amber-y base. Cottony rose, soft vanilla, citrus, masculine patchouli, delicate rose blooming by mandarin….
. Launched: 2007
. Made in France. 

Condition: Brand new, sealed. please see photos.

Its Strength: It is very sexy.


Christian Dior



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