Rimowa Ultra Thin Aluminum Combination Lock Attache Case Briefcase

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This ultra-thin silver aluminum Rimowa attache case is an iconic discontinued and extremely rare model.

. Brand: Rimowa.
. Color: Silver.
. Material: Aluminum.
. Patented rubber gasket humidity seal.
. Flex spring handle.
. Four bottom scuff bumpers for upright balance.
. No inserts.
. Measurements: ~46cm (18.11″) x ~36cm (14.17″) x ~6.50cm (3.5″).
. Weight: ~1980g.
. Three digit combination lock set at 0 – 0 – 0.
. Code: 9080720000038.
. Made in Germany.

Condition: Pre-owned – Good overall. Signs of normal use, nothing ugly. One small dent by the handle, one ding by one of the scuff bumpers. Scuff bumpers show reasonable wear. Some discoloration of the handle. Please see photos.



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