Loewe SLW 777S 135 Brown/Purple Mantón de Manila Flower Embellished Sunglasses

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The design of this pair of sunglasses by Loewe embellished with colorful flowers is part of the Mantón de Manila collection.

. Brand: Loewe.
. Collection: Mantón de Manila.
. Designer: Antonio Ballester Moreno.
. Model: SLW777S 55-17 Col.0743 135.
. Color: Brown & purple.
. Lenses: Pink/Grey gradient.
. Material: Made of specially designed materials to guarantee lightness, comfort and at the same time sturdiness.
. Made in Italy.

Condition: Pre-owned, Good overall condition. Few scratches on the original lenses. Signs of microwear and use. Please see photos.

Comes in after-market case.





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