Liberty & Co Sterling Silver Hallmarked Hair & Clothes Brush Set Early 1900’s

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Here we have two beautifully crafted antique brushes from the 1900’s. One hairbrush and one clothes brush made of sterling silver and wood.

The hair brush:
. Clear hallmarks.
. Maker’s mark: L & Co (Liberty & Co).
. Standard mark: Sterling .925.
. City mark: Birmingham, England (1773-1923).
. Date letter: 1900.
. Symmetrical scroll, flower design.
. Unengraved cartouche.
. Length ~23cm (~9.05″), Width ~7.5cm (~2.95″).
. Weight: 131g (total).

The clothes brush:

. Worn out hallmarks.
. Hammered design.
. Unengraved cartouche.
. Length ~17.5cm (~6.89″), Width ~4cm (~1.57″).
. Weight: 103g (total).

Condition: Good Antique condition. They present dents and dings etc. Please check photos to determine age and condition. 

It is an unwanted gift, bought from the Grypari Antique store in Athens, Greece in 1999.

Its Strength: Antique pieces full of history and charm.

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