Purma Plus Vintage 127 Film Camera Cámara + Anastigmat 55mm f/6.3

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Vintage camera Purma Plus, made in England, it uses 127 film. It presents signs of normal use, it is in good condition. It has a Anastigmat 55mm f/6.3 lens. It comes with lens cap and case. Look at the photos to appreciate the condition of the camera.

“It has an innovative mechanism that uses gravity to control the shutter speed of 1/25 (Slow), 1/50 (Medium) and 1/450 (Fast) dependent on how you hold the camera. Rather than a shutter speed selector you choose the fast shutter speed by holding the camera vertical with the wind knob in the up position, the medium shutter speed by holding he camera horizontal and the slow speed by holding the camera horizontal with the wind know in the down position. For this reason the film used was square, taking 16 square photos on 127 films. The Purma Special was produced by Purma Cameras Ltd of London and sold by R. F. Hunter of London, England.”

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