Zippo 1997 Lustre Etch Motif XIII Cigarette Lighter

This classic Zippo lighter is the perfect accessory for any smoker. Made in 1997, it features a Lustre Etch motif design, made from high-quality metal. The windproof design and classic flip-top lid make it the ideal lighter for any situation, and it’s easy to refill with Zippo lighter fluid. With its timeless design, this Zippo lighter is a must-have for any collector.

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A beautiful 1997 Lustre Etch motif Zippo cigarette lighter. A classic and timeless Zippo lighter, a must-have for collectors and smokers alike.

. Brand: Zippo.
. Model: Lustre Etch.
. Year: 1997.
. Material: Metal.
. Design: Lustre Etch motif.
. Windproof design with classic flip-top lid.
. Refillable with Zippo premium lighter fluid.
. Made in the USA.

Condition: Pre-owned – Presents signs of normal use. Please see photos.







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