S.T. Dupont Paris Palladium 1Gb USB Memory Stick Diamond Head Design

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*** SOLD OUT ***

This is a rare find and a fashionable 1Gb USB memory stick made by luxury brand S.T. Dupont.

. Brand: S.T. Dupont
. Type: 1Gb USB Memory stick
. Material: Palladium
. Formatted: Yes, FAT32
. Measures: ~5.3cm L x ~1.8cm W x ~0.65cm H
. Weight: 31g
. Made in France 
. MSRP: USD $480.00

Condition: Pre-owned, good working condition. Micro-wear and scratches all over. Clasp is firm with a “cling” sound. Formatted in FAT32, clean, no errors. Missing bottom ring/hook. Please see photos.