Playmobil 5300 Victorian Mansion w/Accessories Discontinued RARE

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A beautiful vintage Playmobil 5300 Victorian Mansion. This classic was first released in 1989 and later discontinued in 2004.

This set includes:

– the Playmobil 5300 mansion,
– the beds of the #5325 set,
– most of the #5315 set and also
– the rug and armchair from the #5320 set.

It also comes with various other objects from non corresponding sets so the house can be more enjoyable. The gold mirror and two framed pictures are also included.

Defects we have found:
– One of the pieces that hold the foundation together is missing but the house is not affected in stability.
– One of the connecting pieces in the fencing is missing.
– One of the flower pots is missing from the stairway.
– One of the pictures is already glued to the wallpaper (we have not removed it in fear of damaging the wallpaper).
– On the roof there is one spike missing and one ”spike base” is damaged.
-Some flower pots are missing 1 or 2 flowers but it is not noticeable.
– The door handles are missing their rear pieces.
– The exterior of the house shows signs of slight discoloration due to age and storage.
– Some of the exterior wall embellishments are missing but it doesn’t affect the stability of the mansion.

Please keep in mind that this set is pre-owned and shows signs of use and wear. Please see photos. Sold as seen and as found.

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