The Macallan Ice Ball Maker Sphere Icecube for Single Malt Whiskey MSRP £650.00

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“If you drink your whisky with ice, you will love The Macallan Ice Ball serve. With this device you will quickly transform a large cube of ice into an ice ball 65mm (~2.56″) in diameter. This will chill your whisky but, as it melts more slowly than traditional ice cubes, it will not dilute it as quickly.”

. Brand: Macallan
. Model: The Macallan Ice Ball Maker
. Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum.
. Finish: Anodized, Endura 300 R-V coating 
. Ice-ball size: 65mm (~2.56″)
. Measures: H ~230mm (~9.05″), Diameter ~190mm (7.48″) total.  
. Weight: ~7000g.
. Made in by D&E Machine Pat. Pending #37730.

Ice cube moulds can be ordered separately on the Macallan Distillery Shop, contact them via their online store.

Condition: Pre-owned – Very good. used only a few times. Please see photos.



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