ONAR Athens VTG 925 Silver Tree Motif on Clear Plexiglas/Perspex Paperweight

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A beautiful vintage 925 Sterling silver and plexiglass paper weight from Onar S.A. a well known Greek silversmith. Traditional, mythological motif (Tree of life?) set on a 20mm thick plexiglass/perspex block. Nice and chic!

. Brand: ONAR SA.
. Measures: 17cm ~6.7″ (H) x 9.5cm 3.74″ (W) and is 2.00cm ~0.79″ thick.
. Weight: 388 g, ~13.69 oz.
. Markings: ONAR 925 Ωγ13.

In good, clean overall condition, presents some light scratches on plexiglass from normal use. No chips or cracks. Please see photos.

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