Alvar Aalto Savoy 12cm / 4.72″ tall White Glass Vase by Iittala Finland Signed

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In 1936 Alvar Aalto created his classic series of glass vases. The Savoy Vase is still considered a classic example of the Scandinavian avant-garde.

. Brand: Iittala.
. Designer: Alvar Aalto.
. Color: Outer layer of clear glass encases a layer of white glass.
. Medium: Glass.
. Measurements: ~12cm (~4.72″) H x ~15,4cm (~6.06″) W x ~12cm (~4.72″) D.
. Made in Finland.
. Etched with “Alvar Aalto” on bottom, in capital letters.

Condition: Pre-owned. No chips, no cracks, no blemishes. Clean. Please check photos.

Its Strength: Its free form make it a complement to everyday life.





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