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The Vogue editor was the latest guest on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube show No Filter.

Last night, another instalment of Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series No Filter landed on our screens. First launching earlier this month, so far the show has seen Campbell catching up with a number of names likely found in her little black fashion book, including Marc Jacobs and Cindy Crawford. This time around, the supermodel virtually sat down with Anna Wintour

Donning her signature black glasses throughout, the Vogueeditor discussed the her life in isolation, the future of fashion, and what the industry may look when we emerge from this pandemic. Alongside this, the pair shared a series of memories and anecdotes, such as the time Wintour fought to have Naomi Campbell on the cover of the September issue of American Vogue and the recent cancellation of this year’s Met Ball.

In case you missed the interview, here’s what you need to know.

Anna Wintour thinks the fashion industry needs to slow down

This is something that Wintour touched upon throughout the interview. Looking back at her time working in fashion, she reflected how much the industry has sped up and how this needs to change. “We need to show less,” she said. “We need to have more of an emphasis on sustainability and we need to have more of an emphasis on luxury and creativity.” Going on to talk about how this might affect the future of fashion, she explained: “We need to celebrate the art of fashion and the design of fashion and we need to slow down and enjoy it much more and not always be saying, what’s new? what’s next?”

Anna’s  favourite fashion show ever? Jihn Gallianao AW94 

Talking of shows that have stayed with her, Wintour singled out John Galliano’s AW94 extravaganza as her favourite ever runway presentation, explaining it “deeply inspired” her. Presented in São Schlumberger’s broken-down mansion in Paris, this show came after Galliano took a hiatus from fashion and had little money. With the designer’s friends helping to put it all together, Wintour and Campbell included, the fashion editor said of the presentation: “It was just the atmosphere that he created and the image and the beauty of the clothes and women”.

Rrunning is part of Anna Wintour’s WFH routine

For those of us who are working from home right now, it seems pretty safe to say we are all finding different ways of coping and adjusting to what has become the ‘new normal’. Whether that’s taking yourself out for a walk at lunch or doing exercises in the morning, Wintour too reflected on what she is doing during this time. With Campbell asking if she has enjoyed working from home and how her daily life has changed, the editor said she has been running, “I’ve not been doing enough exercise so I have taken up running.”

Anna offered her thought on what fashion will look like post-pandemic

Speaking on the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, a repurposed initiative which seeks to help designers and small fashion businesses affected by coronavirus, Wintour went on to discuss how the fashion community is coming together in this time of crisis. “Fashion is a community, it is very philanthropic,” she said. “I feel very strongly that when we come out of this, people’s values are really going to have shifted. This is an opportunity for all of us to look at our industry and look at our lives and to rethink our values and really think about the waste and the amount of consumption and access that we all, and I include myself, have all indulged in. We really need to rethink what this industry stands for.”

Anna Wintour’s top tip on how to stay safe?

“Wear your masks, wear one of those wonderful masks that the fashion community is working so hard to produce and please listen to what the medical advisors are telling us.” Sounds like pretty good advice to us.

Watch the full interview.

Source: Even Anna Wintour thinks the fashion industry needs to slow TF down | Dazed